In society today, your career defines you quite a bit or at least I think it should.  Some people have careers where they feel like it is a realible safe job that can support them.  Others do jobs where they just make as much as they can, whether they like it or not.  Some just find a job to get by in life.  Others do jobs that they love and are good at regardless of the pay.  That is what I do.  I have a BA and a few semesters at a career college, which neither are mandatory for my job.

     I believe that we need to redo our whole education system, at least high school and college.  I believe that while should continue education in all subjects, they should start to have kids focus on what they want to do when they grow up.  At my high school, it seemed like they just made sure you got your education and they said, “oh yeah, time to apply to college, you know what you want to be right?”.  I believe that every semester in high school, they should have a career focused class.  As a freshman, it can be broad, then focus it more and more the further in school.  I also believe that between high school and college, every kid should shadow 5 careers they want to do for at least a month.  This shows them what the job really is and they can ask questions to the workers to make sure they want it and get tips for college.  I think most college should be more like career colleges, have a few gen eds but have it mainly focused on the career.  So since I was good in math and science, I went to a good engineering school and after 2 years switched my major.  Then a few semesters later, switched again to a major I was not sold on.  Fear of being in college forever and being close to graduating, I finished the program just to get the degree and then was thrown out to the real world.  There I found your low paying jobs that could not afford the frame aground my degree.  Then finally realizing I want to help animals, went back to college for a degree which I really didn’t except to build my resume.  So now I owe a lot of money to colleges for a job that someone with a high school diploma and a little experience could have.
   I have a career helping dogs.  While people may say that’s awesome, they don’t know everything that goes on.  While I love my job, there is a lot of stress that goes along with it.  Some of it is expected, the stress of being over max capacity, not being a no kill shelter, some crazy and vicious dogs driving you crazy.  On the other hand, some co-workers like to start drama and rumors just because they are bored or don’t like someone.  I really cannot understand why when in this lime of work.  Further more, people at my work seem to do it just for a paycheck and don’t like dogs or maybe don’t like most dogs is a better way to put it.  They complain about stuff that someone who applied for a job at a shelter should be prepared for like dogs barking. 

      With all that being said, I still love my career but don’t think this is where I am going to be for long.  I have applied for other jobs recently, while these jobs are more of what I want to do, they are far away from where I live.  While the idea excites me, it also terrifies me.  A new start to life but no close by support system.  Move somewhere warmer but have no idea where anything is.  The future for me is scary but exciting at the same time.


(Just a pic of my dogs)


A little about me

Hello, thanks for reading my blog. This one is just so you can find out more about me. I am starting a blog as stress reliever. I have a stressful job and some things in my life are just not clicking how I wish they were. With all of this being said, I am truly thankful for a lot in my life including my friends, family, having a roof over my head, food on my plate, being in decent health and my 2 dogs. Now, just to let you know you will find spelling and grammar minstakes in my writings. English has always been my worst subject and I actually had an IEP (individual education plan or aka I had a tutor) from 1st-12th grade because of it. Also my thought maybe scattered at time because using this as a stress reliever, I am just going to sit down and type what is on my mind and my mind can go a thousand miles and hour at times. So I am 26 years old, single, have a full time job as a dog warden and a part time job at a doggy day care, and rent a house with 2 roommates. I will go more in depth about all of those things in another blog. I have 2 dogs, a puggle/ jack russel terrier/ min pin mix who is 3 years old that I’ve had for a years and a half and a husky/ shep mix who is 2 years old that I’ve had for about 3 months. I am pretty sure I’ll have a whole blog about them, they are the most consistent things in my life.